Every employer who has two or more safety representatives must have a safety committee. Each safety representative should be a member of the committee. In the case of large companies who may have more than one safety committee, every representative must be a member of at least one committee. Each member should be appointed in writing to such a committee.

The employer shall make a suitable meeting place available for the committee to meet. This could be a meeting room, training room or large office, canteen, but not such places as ablutions.

The members of the committee must be full time members and all have the same voting rights.

It is important that proper minutes are kept of all meetings (we recommend typed minutes), they must reflect what was discussed in the meeting and any recommendations made should be recorded.

The minutes should also record who attended the meeting and who was absent. They must be rectified at the next meeting, than accepted as a true reflection of what was discussed. They should be signed off by the chairman and the person who proposed the acceptance of the meeting.

The minutes need to be kept for at least three years.

Written by Frans Wilbrink of Wilbrink & Associates, tel. 031 – 266 9035