About the Mediator / Arbitrator

Frans Wilbrink

Frans Wilbrink graduated from the than University of Natal in Durban with a B.Sc. degree. During part of his studies he worked part time as a Laboratory assistant at the CSIR in Durban. He continued his studies at the University of the Free State where he obtained a post graduate Higher Education Diploma.

Why Choose Us

Some of the areas we do mediation and arbitration on are:

1. Employment:

a. Workplace mediation
b. Labour disputes including wage negotiations
c. Disciplinary hearings

2. Business:

a. Disputes regarding general commercial agreements
b. Disputes between supplier and client regarding quality / quantity of product delivered
c. Disputes resulting from Franchise / Joint Venture Agreements
d. Disputes during the sale of a business
e. Disputes in respect of Restriction of Trade
f. Disputes between Company Directors and Shareholders
g. Commercial lease and Rental agreements

3. Property:

a. Dispute between Landlord and Tenant
b. Purchase and Sale Agreements
c. Estate Agent Commission

4. Construction.

a. Disputes in respect of plans and specifications
b. Disputes in respect of scope of work etc.
c. Disputes between Contractor and Sub-contractors
d. Disputes in respect of payments, including penalty clause

5. Community:

Disputes between the community and a Company / Organization

About Frans

During his compulsory military training he taught at a college in the far northern Namibia. In 1979 Frans joined the Atomic Energy Board where he was involved in Research and Development. It was here that Frans obtained valuable laboratory experience. Two years later he took up a position as Chief Chemist at a lead manufacturing company. Soon afterwards he was promoted to the position of Production Manager. Two years later he took up the position of Plant Manager at an international German company. It was here that he obtained valuable general management experience in a.o. Germany, Austria, England and Sweden. He was later promoted to Works Manager. He was offered the position of General Manager, responsible for all aspects of the company’s business.

Some of his achievements were: halving the production time of some processes, developing veterinary products, obtaining record production output without compromising quality.

In 1990 Frans started his own consulting business. He specialized in the Occupational Health and Environmental aspects of business as an Approved Inspection Authority. He did however assist companies in other spheres of business as well (e.g. implementing a grading system, working off redundant chemicals, assisting companies in optimizing their production etc.) Frans has also on a couple of occasions acted as arbitrator in some technical disputes.

Due to his vast experience Frans decided in 2014 to shift the emphasis of his business to Mediation and Arbitration. He successfully completed (with distinction) a post graduate course in Civil Mediation presented by the North West University. He is an Accredited Professional Member of AFSA (Arbitration Foundation of South Africa) as well as a member of SAAM (South African Association of Mediators) and Mediatori.

Frans specializes in technically orientated disputes in industry.

Let’s Work Together