Internal disputes within a company can lead to considerable loss of productive time and if not handled correctly it can destroy the good working atmosphere in the company. It is therefore of utmost importance that these matters are dealt with swiftly and correctly.

We recently had to mediate in just such a matter. The Store Supervisor was aggrieved by a Laboratory Manager’s attitude towards him. He felt that the Manager had belittled him by not respecting his authority and going “behind his back” to obtain samples. The Supervisor went to his line manager who thought nothing of it. The working relationship became so strained that the Technical Director called us in to discuss the problem. We advised that Mediation would remove the misunderstanding that existed and restore the cooperation between the departments.

We were given a day to restore the working relationship between the two departments. We first had a group session where the Supervisor, the Stores Manager and the Laboratory Manager were present. They opened up all their complaints in a mature manner.

The group session was followed by individual sessions where we helped “unpack” all the problems and obtained potential solutions for all of them.

Once we obtained solutions in the individual sessions, we brought the parties together where they reached their understanding of each other.

We did a follow-up call which showed that the parties were still working well with one another.