Talk 6 on Legal Compliance – Fire or Explosion
You have probably heard of the recent surge in factories burning down this year. Frans Wilbrink, our managing member is an Approved Inspection Authority, registered with The South African Department of Labour. He has found that there seems to be three main concerns in terms of fire in industry;
Firstly, housekeeping – more specifically, incompatible materials being stored together. For example an oxidising agent stored on wooden pallets – where a small leak could result in the chemical reacting with the wood and this could generate a fire. Incorrect storage of materials is also a concerning factor for example when containers or chemicals are stored outside where they are exposed to the elements; slow degradation of packaging due to exposure and chances of a fire increases. Solution: To facilitate better housekeeping practices Frans has suggested instituting a competition – this system has proved quiet successful in companies that have adopted it.
Secondly some areas within a plant may not have the electrical equipment suitable for that particular work area – for instance, in some work areas flameproof equipment maybe required due to the associated fire risks. Solution: Every area within a factory must be zoned according to its potential risk to a fire or explosion.
Thirdly, general legal compliance is of utmost importance during insurance claims. No insurer is willing to settle a claim if the insured in question cannot prove his legal compliance. Solution: A legal compliance audit once a year to make sure the operation is above board.
How legally compliant is your manufacturing factory or plant? Is something as simple as housekeeping putting you at risk of fire or explosion?? Frans can help get your plant on track.