Mediation / arbitration is such a vast field, that any good mediator / arbitrator must specialize in a field. Wilbrink & Associates have, due to their experience and academic background, decided to specialize in the Labour and technical field. Even this field is very large, but we are comfortable in it. The question I often get asked is what do you mediate and / or arbitrate on?

Some of the areas we do mediation and arbitration on are:

  1. Employment:
  1. Workplace mediation
  2. Labour disputes including wage negotiations
  3. Disciplinary hearings
  1. Business:
  1. Disputes regarding general commercial agreements
  2. Disputes between supplier and client regarding quality / quantity of product delivered
  3. Disputes resulting from Franchise / Joint Venture Agreements
  4. Disputes during the sale of a business
  5. Disputes in respect of Restriction of Trade
  6. Disputes between Company Directors and Shareholders
  7. Commercial lease and Rental agreements
  1. Property:
  1. Dispute between Landlord and Tenant
  2. Purchase and Sale Agreements
  3. Estate Agent Commission
  1. Construction.
  1. Disputes in respect of plans and specifications
  2. Disputes in respect of scope of work etc.
  3. Disputes between Contractor and Sub-contractors
  4. Disputes in respect of payments, including penalty clause
  1. Community:

Disputes between the community and a Company / Organization