Some of the Registers that companies should have completed on their site (provided they make use of the equipment) are:

General Administrative Reg 8
Accident Investigation (including incidents and near misses) – As and when required

Asbestos Reg 14(1)(b)
Inventory of all asbestos based products on site. As and when a change takes place

Diving Regulations
Various registers for divers when they dive and for how long

Electrical Installation Reg 7
Certificate of compliance of an electrical installation – On installation and when changes take place

Environmental Reg. For Workplaces
Fire fighting equipment – Annually; recommend monthly visual inspections

Reg. For Hazardous Chemical Sub
Issue of personal protective equipment – As & when equipment is issued *
Engineering control equipment (e.g. extractors) aAt least once every 24 month by an AIA

Lifts, Escalator & Passenger conveyor
Monthly maintenance inspections

Driven Machinery Reg
16 – Transportation Plants – every 12 month
17 – Goods hoists – every 3 month inspection and every 12 month load testing
18 – Lifting machinery & lifting tackle every 3 month inspection and every 12 month load testing
18 (11) – fork lift truck – every 3 month inspection and every 12 month load testing. Also recommend daily checks

Electrical Machinery Regulations
8(7) Machinery in hazardous locations at least every 24 month
Portable electric tools –every 3 month (recommended)

General Safety Reg
First Aid: A treatment register and an inventory register (recommended)
Welding & flame cutting equipment every three month (recommended)
Ladders at least every three month (recommended)

Pressure Equipment Reg
11 – External Inspection every 12 month and witnessed hydraulic test and internal inspection every 36 month

Major Hazard Installation Reg
Record of all incidents that may occur.

Reg for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
5 – Records of training – as and when given
12 – Issue of hearing protective equipment – when issued*

Construction Regulations
Issue of personal Protective Equipment as & when issued*
8 – Fall protection – at least every three month
9 – Structures – at least every six month
10 – Formwork & support work – before use, daily while in position and after dismantling
11 – Excavation work – bracing & shoring – daily, prior to each shift, after every blasting operation, after an unexpected fall of ground, after damage to supports and after rain.
14 – Scaffolding – weekly
Suspended platforms – as per the manufacturer’s requirements but load tests at least every 12 month
16 – Boatswain’s chair – prior to installation, performance test immediately after installation, and thereafter daily prior to use.
17 – Material hoist – daily inspection
18 – Batch plants – for all repair & maintenance done on the plant
21 – Construction vehicles and mobile plant – daily, prior to use
22 – Electrical installations & machinery on construction sites – Installation inspected at least once a week, electrical machinery – daily

Various Regulations:
Training of staff *
* Employee must counter sign