In terms of various Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, registers have to be kept and completed on a regular basis. The frequency varies for different type of equipment. The purpose of these registers is to ensure that a competent person inspects the equipment and enters the results in a registers on a regular basis and thus ensures that no faulty or worn equipment is being used.

When auditing companies we find that the registers are more often than not completed on an irregular basis. In the event of an accident, a good accident investigator will look at all registers to determine the maintenance state of the company. We find often that these registers are not completed and that there is no preventative maintenance system in place.

Very often the completion of registers is left to a workshop aid who does not fully understand the requirements of these inspections. We regularly find registers stating that equipment is serviceable, yet they are faulty.

There are registers that are only required annually (fire fighting equipment), yet we recommend a monthly visual inspection. Some don’t require any inspection (ladders) yet they can be dangerous and should be inspected at least once every three month.

Many companies are not aware where to obtain these registers. As a service Wilbrink & Associates will supply any company free of charge an electronic copy of a registers in word document form (provided we have a copy).

Some of the registers that should be available and kept up to date can be found under the heading “Registers Required”.

Written by Frans Wilbrink of Wilbrink & Associates, tel. 031 – 266 9035