We were requested to assist a company with its wage negotiations. The Company had a very difficult and unpleasant wage negotiation the previous year.

We decided to “play the game” slightly differently. We got our Training man to go to the company and train the workers on how a business works. At the end we had a workforce that understood profits and losses, shareholding and investors, dividends etc.

Having laid the foundation of understanding the basic working of a business, it was much easier to talk to the workers regarding their demands vs. the company’s ability to afford it.

They still were pushy for their demands but had a better understanding of the Company’s position and were thus more willing to give concessions.

The negotiations were drawn out, but it was also necessary in order to confirm certain matters and to report back to their constituency.

After some hard bargaining an amicable settlement was reach – a settlement both the Unions and the workers were satisfied with and a settlement that kept the company on a good financial foot.

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